MultiSpot™ is the super-flexible,
web-based management system for Wi-Fi hotspots.


Mandac's MultiSpot™ system allows you to quickly and easily manage and bill your customers' internet access, whether used for revenue generation or to self-fund development projects.

Authentication is carried out in the cloud, which means no extra hardware or software is required locally. All that is necessary is a low-cost MultiSpot™ wireless access point.

You manage the billing, customer access and useage from anywhere in the world.

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The MultiSpot™ wireless unit is a low-cost wireless access point which connects to your broadband source, and will enable you to retail Internet access. The device works with our cloud to authenticate your customers. You set the prices of the broadband. MultiSpot™ supports a range of payment options, languages and currencies, and all payments are made directly to you. It is very low-cost to deploy and will help you to grow your business.

Multispotplus The MultiSpot Plus ™ is our small multi-seat device that is more suited to schools, internet cafes, hostels, community centres, etc. where people do not own their own hardware.  A number of screens, keyboards and mice can be connected via USB to offer service to people at directly connected "seats" as well as wireless customers. It uses very little power and is ideal for areas with poor infrastructure.

Both the Multispot™ and the Multispot Plus™ have a number of features embedded to improve the customer's browsing experience, especially when the broadband connection is via satellite. This makes both devices especially attractive for use in areas where fixed broadband connections are not available.

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How it works

The Multispot™ system uses captive portal software to redirect customers requests over the cloud to high availability servers and replicated file systems in a
24/7 data centre. These servers run the authentication, authorization, and accounting processes that are linked to a customer database.

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Rural Internet Kiosk


Rural Internet Kiosks

The Multispot Plus™ software, operating system, and the device itself have been especially developed to operate with very low electrical power requirements. This efficiency, along with the small physical size of the unit, makes it ideal to run internet kiosks, especially in developing markets where power supplies are inconsistent.

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Each user on our multi-seat Multispot Plus™ device has access to ...

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